Election Guide 2018

Describe your approach to protecting citizen’s rights while maintaining tourist revenue.

Schoeffel:  " The two interests can actually strengthen each other. That’s what great cities do and Dana Point is a great city. When I was Mayor, I started the Arts and Culture Commission with the goal of making Dana Point a destination for music, arts, and culture. I believe that we can make the quality of life so good that happy residents and good-natured tourists will be able to enjoy this paradise together."   

Describe your perspective on large-scale commercial and residential development in Dana Point.


Schoeffel:  "The Lantern District Specific Plan, fashioned over many years with citizen input, fosters modern coastal village development. Any development within that plan must be of the highest quality and offer amenities, services and features our residents crave without altering our city’s character. Development that elegantly blends with our Seven Square Miles of Paradise. Many of California’s most enviable coastal towns use this approach to great success, working with far less than we have in Dana Point."

What will you do to solve homelessness in Dana Point?

Schoeffel:  "Homelessness is a complex and challenging issue. We need to distinguish between the truly homeless, who need services, from the problematic transients and panhandlers, who burden our City’s resources. We made great strides addressing those problems when I chaired the city’s Homeless Task Force, but I think we need to do more. Informed, thoughtful policy to meet these challenges is desperately needed now, more than ever. I would begin by reactivating the Homeless Task Force."

How will you balance serving your particular district as well as residents of Dana Point at large?

Schoeffel:  "I served our city “at large” as a Councilmember for eight years and Planning Commissioner for 12 years during its most formative time.  I learned the best way to serve my district is by creating a great city as a whole. All ships rise with the tide. That said, in District Two Dana Hills students and retirees walking dogs mingle in Sea Canyon Park.  It is a special place. That’s why I have never left."

What professional and personal experience do you believe will aid you as a City Councilmember?

Schoeffel:  "My 38 years of professional experience as a land use and development lawyer, including coastal development, has shown me the best and worst coastal development throughout California and made me deeply familiar with how to achieve superior results in our city. Personally, I am a 35 year Dana Point resident and a Southern California native. I’ve devoted 20 years of public service to my community because I care deeply about the city and its residents."

What are your top three priority issues and why?

Schoeffel:  "Public safety is job one. We must feel safe and secure in our homes and businesses. Second, we must stem any further decline in resident amenities and services. Over the past two years weekend code enforcement has been reduced and the number of summer concerts has been slashed.  We must restore what we have lost. Third, we must revitalize our Lantern District and Doheny Village areas to enhance resident amenities and increase city revenue."

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