Letters of Support

Leadership That Lasts

Cathy Martio,  Dana Point

October 26, 2018

25 years ago my husband and I moved to Dana Point’s Sea Canyon neighborhood, in what is now voting District 2. We invested heavily in our home and small business, and pinned our hopes on what we saw as Dana Point’s unlimited promise for the future. One of the first people we got to know in town was Scott Schoeffel, a brilliant attorney, incredible musician and caring neighbor who always seemed to be the person who knew everything about our neighborhood’s issues and was willing to help solve problems. It did not surprise me that several years later Scott was appointed to the city’s Planning Commission where he served for 12 years, then was elected to the Dana Point City Council twice, serving eight years as our Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman until December 2016.

Looking back, it would have been difficult to imagine the immense number of positive and transformative changes that would take place in our town during this remarkable man’s 20 years of leadership and service to our residents. From early on Scott had a vision for our city that has unfolded pretty much exactly how he described it to me in the mid-1990s.  When others and I sometimes became annoyed with the glacial pace of government progress, he would simply counsel good humor and lots of patience, assuring that “the best is yet to come”.  He appreciates the value of long-term planning, but also the need to take action and lead, and that has proved to be a very successful formula.

It is impossible to chronicle Scott’s long and impressive list of achievements in the short space of a letter like this, but I can tell you that the city we know and love today is a shining reflection of Scott’s two decades of visionary work and dedication to Dana Point and its residents. He has not only tirelessly advanced music, arts and culture in our town, he donated his city-related compensation to support music education in our public schools, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars over the years.  I have watched him mentor our young people, including my own two daughters, and set them on the path to successful and fulfilling careers.  I have watched him care for, and often entertain, our senior citizens.  I have seen our city develop a thriving tourism business and solid local economy based in no small part on Scott’s knowledge, imagination and hard work.  And I cannot wait to see where our town’s landmark revitalization projects will take us under his continued stewardship.

For more than a generation of Dana Point residents, Scott Schoeffel has had our back and always exceeded his promises and our expectations.  He has lived in District 2 for 35 years and has five times more years of service to Dana Point than both of his election opponents combined. As a resident, business owner, and mother, I believe Scott is as fine a City Councilman as I have seen in a quarter century. He is truly our “proven leader and trusted neighbor”.  I urge you to join me in voting for Scott Schoeffel for City Council on November 6th.

Letters to the Editor

An Elephant Never Forgets

Dana Yarger, Dana Point - October 19, 2018

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Schoeffel Stands for Stewardship

 Philip J. Topar, Dana Point - November 2, 2012

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Choose Excellence

Barbara Merriman, Dana Point - November 2, 2012

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In the News

E is for Elephant, Excellence

Guest Opinion:  Dana Point Times

October 18, 2013

Elephant Parade, the world’s largest support organization for preservation of the Asian elephant, has finally arrived on American soil from previous stops in London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Milan, Singapore and other major European and Asian cities. Elephant Parade organizers chose Dana Point as this country’s first host city and the city is wholeheartedly embracing its presence.

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Never Forget the Cost of Freedom

May 19, 2011 

Dana Point Times

Then Mayor Scott Schoeffel’s address at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Traveling Wall closing ceremony at Sea Terrace Park 

We are here today to say farewell to the Vietnam Veterans Traveling  Wall and close a remarkable period in Dana Point history.  Such a moment  should cause all of us to reflect upon the events of the past six days,  a process that will no doubt stir many memories amongst us.

I believe there is something about this momentous event, however,  that will be defined less by what we remember and more by what we cannot  possibly forget.  

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State of the City: Tourism Key to Dana Point's Strength


At the State of the City address on April 21, 2011, then Mayor Scott Schoeffel seemed to strike the right note with the nearly 250 people packed into the ballroom of the Laguna Cliffs Marriott Resort and Spa with his address themed "Building our Economic Future in Perfect Harmony." 

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Working in Harmony to Shape Dana Point's Destiny

Dana Point Times

December 15, 2011

Dana Point Destiny was specifically designed to give our city’s business  leaders a forum to provide the City Council with their input on  business issues as part of the city’s decision-making process.  The  committee’s formation was an outgrowth of the economic development  initiatives I proposed at my State of the City address this past April  when I was mayor.  The Mayor and the City Manager are standing committee  members and other city staff frequently attend these meetings where it  is helpful.  In the future, any issues before the city that affect local  business and commerce—and many if not most of them do—are likely to be  vetted by Dana Point Destiny before any official city action is taken.


Councilmen Schoeffel Discusses Accomplishments

Orange County Register

December 20, 2016

Q. What are you most proud in accomplishing during your tenure?

A. Schoeffel: Initiating the Doheny Village Specific Plan process in 2010 ranks near the top. I believe that area of town has potential to become the soul of Dana Point when the plan is complete and revitalization proceeds. Founding the city’s Arts and Culture Commission in 2011 was also very important to me, as creation of that body officially established how vital music, arts, and culture are to our city’s government, business and public identity.

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The Best is Yet to Come

Dana Point Times

December 23, 2016

My frequent trips throughout coastal California in the past four decades  let me know that other coastal cities can offer our city’s elected and  appointed officials valuable knowledge, wisdom and inspiration as they  work to form Dana Point’s future. There are many superb examples dotting  our coast where local governments, working cooperatively with  regulators, developers, financial experts and the public have struck the  magic balance among competing interests and created stunning coastal  communities with strong economies and happy residents. I would urge our  City Council, Planning Commission, Arts and Culture Commission and city  staff to hit the road and explore these areas up close and personally,  study how results were achieved, and then use that knowledge to help  realize our goals for Dana Point. 

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Supporting Music, Arts, and Culture

Councilman Donates Paycheck to Music Education

Orange County Register

April 17, 2009 

Schoeffel decided that the monthly  stipend he earns while serving on the council would better serve  assisting high school students with musical education.

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Excellence is Elementary

Orange County Register

June 21, 2013 

This was the scene at all the of the elementary schools around Dana  Point on June 8 as Schoeffel handed out his personal awards recognizing  academic excellence by elementary students. Rivera was one of three R.H.  Dana students, along with second-grader Paola Aguirre and third-grader  Julian Reed, who were honored by Schoeffel. He gave awards to two  students from Palisades Elementary School and two from R.H. Dana  Exceptional Needs Facility.

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Electrify Your Strings

Dana Point Times

November 3, 2010

Then Mayor Pro Tem Scott Schoeffel, a musician himself who has dedicated his  efforts toward promoting music in the local community, played an  instrumental roll (pun intended) in bringing Wood and his Electrify Your  Strings program to the students of Dana Point.

Link to the Dana Point Times Article

CUSD discusses art school at Doheny Village

Dana Point Times

September 18, 2015

At the Capistrano Unified School District’s Sept. 9 meeting, Trustee Gary Pritchard of Aliso Viejo led a discussion regarding the creation of a potential performing arts school in Dana Point’s south bus yard as a part of the Doheny Village redevelopment project. 

Pritchard said he has been discussing ideas for such a magnet school with Dana Point City Councilman Scott Schoeffel for about a year and a half now, as both are musicians with backgrounds in the arts. .

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Dana Point Symphony

The Dana Point Symphony grew out of then Mayor Scott Schoeffel’s vision  of integrating and elevating music, art, and culture in Dana Point. In  collaboration with Music and Artistic director Dean Anderson and  others, the Dana Point Symphony was born and has been fulfilling that  mission for six straight years. Each concert features one visual artist  exhibition at the meet-the-artist reception.

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Concerts in the Park

Scott Shoeffel helped introduce Dana Point's Summer Concerts in the Park, and emceed and guest-performed at many of those concerts over the years.  The Dana Point Summer Concerts in the Park are enjoyed by residents and visitors of all ages and are the highlight of the summer for many.

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